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Far Beyond This Wonderland You Will Find Me

"I must...like a whore, unpack my heart with words."

23 September
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*I don't fool myself like I fool you.*
Stephanie, Steph, Tet, Teta, Stefy-Wefy, Sef...All are all quite valid names. 19. Currently residing in California, Full blooded Puerto Rican. Entranced by thunderstorms, the smell of coffee, and late night whispers. Give me a bouquet of yellow roses or liles and I'm yours forever. Believes in God. Totally obsessed with everything and anything that has to do with either Judy Garland or Liza May...†
"Dear when you Smiled at me, I heard a melody"

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Liza May is Fabulous Love

50s music, 818, a sense of belonging, absolutely fabulous, abstract art, abstract photography, acting, adam sandler, alfred hitchcock, angelina jolie, babs, bacardi, barefoot contessa, beauty and the beast, being in love, belle, bette porter, billy joel, black & mild, boricuas, boy undies, broadway, brunets, candy, chapstick, childhood memories, classic actresses, classic movies, classical music, collages, coloring, comedy central, crank yankers, dancing, david grey, dean martin, doritos, drop dead gorgeous, elizabeth taylor, feminist, fiona apple, first place, fraggle rock, frank sinatra, french, fruity pebbles, george carlin, gina gershon, going to bk, gonzo, good times, hal sparks, humming, i love lucy, i love the 80's, inside jokes, jack black, jazz music, jekyll and hyde, jennifer beals, jerri blank, john coltrane, judy garland, kirstie alley, kisses on my neck, laughing, lesbian flicks, letters in the mail, lifetime, linda eder, liza may minnelli, lyrical art, mad tv, making people laugh, martinis, megan mullally, michael buble, michael jackson, miles davis, misty, mr. rogers, muppet babies, musicals, my grandma's cooking, nancy, nerds, norah jones, oliver martinez, orange chicken, pac man, panda express, paris hilton, paul frank, performing, photo collages, piano playing, pin ups, pina coladas, pineapples, plankton, poe, pops, psycho, puerto ricans, queer as folk, ralph wiggum, rocky horror picture show, satin, singing, sky blue pink, sleeping, snl, someone like you, stardom, steven, stewart, strangers with candy, strawberry ice cream, strawberry shortcake, strip mall, sugar, sunland, superstar, tender bitches, the comfort zone, the golden girls, the l word, the ladies, the rat pack, the silver screen, the simpsons, the smell of wood, thick rimmed glasses, thrift stores, tujunga, vbf, verdugo hills, victoria's secret, white stripes, will and grace, writing